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Q: When should we run our fund-raiser?
A: We typically run our fund-raisers with High School sport teams in August for fall sports, November with winter sports, and March with spring sports; however, you can run the fund-raiser at any time of the year you see best fits your organization.  We are not just sports oriented.  We offer many products for any group interested in making money!

Q: What is our profit?
A: Your profit depends on the type of product your group sells.  Some products offer up to 70% pay-out to your organization.  Call your local rep today, and he or she can help you determine which product best suits your needs!

Q: How long do we have to sell?
A: Most of our fund-raisers are only one week.  Your fund-raising rep will discuss which of our 2 programs are a good fit for you!

Q: Can we sell this in other states?
A: Most of the products are available from state to state.  For the one’s that are not, we are working on that for you!

Q: How do we get more businesses in our area on your coupon book?
A: Your local rep can take notes on who you would like to see, and try to cater to those requests for our next publication.

Q: What if we don’t sell everything we have ordered?
A: We generally do not “take orders”.  Please consult with your rep and he or she will determine your needs based on the number of people you have selling.  That rep will run your fund-raiser from start to finish so that you don’t have to do all of the work.  No upfront cost to you.  No pre-ordering.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment with my local rep?
A: Please call the number on the home page, and we will direct your call to the appropriate awesome person!